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FAQ: What is a SKU?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not properly match your Product SKU’s to the correct attribute from your Merchant Center Product Feed, ManageMyTraffic will be unable to correctly import or track products and performance.Also, if there are missing attributes or some products without matching attributes only a portion of products may correctly import and track in ManageMyTraffic.

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact the ManageMyTraffic support team by phone or email.

What is a ‘SKU’ and how is it used?

General Definition of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU):
  • A unique identifier for an individual product in an inventory

Why must I provide this?

  • ManageMyTraffic specifically uses SKU’s to identify and track products in Google Shopping campaigns

What if I do not have SKU’s for my products?

  • You may utilize your Product ID’s as SKU’s or you may also derive SKU’s from your products’ MPN’s (Manufacturers Part Number), UPC’s (Universal Product Code), or GTIN’s (Global Trade Item Number)