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How to create a Google Gmail Account

Welcome to the first installment in how to prepare an E-Commerce website for Google Shopping. In this series of tutorials we will be going through the process of setting up Google Account Services from scratch. To begin we will be going over the most basic of steps: Creating A Google Account.
If you already have one or all of the accounts mentioned throughout this journey you can skip the associated steps,


Make sure your configuration of each service matches the configurations mentioned. In addition, review the configuration items carefully.

FIRST STEP: Visit https://accounts.google.com/SignUp
If you have yet to go through this process (we doubt many have not) fear not because it is very simple. Start out by filling out the requested information. This is still a very vital step as this account will be used for all other Google Services including: Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster ToolsAdWords, and finally Merchant Center.

Once you have completed the form simply click “Next Step” to continue.

!! – You may be asked to provide a code that can be sent via text message or voice call – !!
WHAT’S NEXT: A Google+ Profile
If you would like you may choose to create a  for your business. Below you will see an example of the page you may land on. We have chosen an alias as an example. A Google+ Profile can be extremely beneficial to a business and a Google+ Business Listing will give you access to even more Google Features! At this point so as to expedite this sometimes confusing process just choose “No Thanks.”
!! – This step is completely optional and NOT required for any of the core Google Service Accounts – !!
Congratulations: Your Google Account is ready!

Now that you have completed the first major step in getting ready for Google Shopping by creating a Google Account and now it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. In the next guide you will learn about setting up Google Webmaster Tools and Verifying Ownership of your domain (website).