Driving in Miami at times is a frustrating, but an experience worth your time. The city is the two time winner in the contest of the Rudest Drivers in America. Many residents are, however, product of that rude tag. The city is also known for its ever bumper traffic and confusing roads.

Miami roads and streets are available on a grid system which makes it extremely easy to go around when one understand some basic rules. Its streets are in four quadrants: Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Northwest. The Miami Avenue distinguishes the West and East quadrants while the South and North quadrants are separated by the Flagler Street.

The city’s Avenues, Roads, and Courts run from the north to the south. This can provide a simple way of creating an acronym for remembrance purposes. Its streets run to the west from east. They are exemptions to this rule. Brickell and Dixie Highway, for example, do not follow the grid. Visitors, as well as, residents need to consult their maps to keep track of their drive. Some municipalities such as Coral Gables also do not follow the grid rules.


There are various highways in Miami that can help ease your traveling experience through the city. Just like any other city, one should expect to experience delays in the morning when driving to the city and in the evenings when driving to the suburbs. Some of the major highways within and around the city are such as:

Airport Expressway; it is one of the most appealing roads in the city and runs from I -95 to the airport. It is a direct route to the Miami International Airport.

Interstate 95: It is one of the major highways and runs from the city to Maine and terminates to the south of downtown. It usually has heavy traffic because the locals use it when traveling between the city and Broward County.

Palmetto Expressway: it runs from the North Miami Beach to Kendall and is usually horrible because of its all-time traffic jam.

Others highways in Miami,Fl are Dolphin Expressway, Florida’s Turnpike Homestead Extension, Don Shula Expressway, and Snapper Creek Expressway.