Google is going to make an algorithm change on regard to how friendly websites are to mobile phones and immediately make a follow up on its impact to search engine ranking. Many companies have violated the mobile friendliness during the development of their websites in terms of responsiveness. Most companies have designed websites that do not respond properly on mobile phones

Many website owners in miami  will rush to make their websites work on mobile phones, they should not forget to do it correctly in order to pass the Google test. Therefore, as a website owner, while you rush to rectify your website, Google has the following factors that you should eliminate.


Pages that load slowly

Pages that load slowly on desktop sites are annoying to visitors. This is the same case on mobile sites. The reason why people use mobile phones to access sites is probably that they are in a hurry and have no time to get to a desktop. It is advisable you make the search smooth so that they do not have to get that content from other places. Your website needs to respond quickly on mobile sites. Google pageSpeed Insights can give you the speed of your page and list the issues that may be slowing down your speed.

Inappropriate redirects

It is a bright idea to come up with separate links; one for the desktop version and the other for mobile version. Depending on the device, the user is using to access the website, he/she is appropriately redirected. However, at times links get crossed on the way, in this case, you must be sure not to redirect desktop users to a mobile version or a mobile user to the desktop version.

When updating your website to Google standards, make sure your design is responsive and can automatically adjust depending on the device accessing it. Your server setting should be modified so that it makes appropriate redirects.

Using content that cannot play

There is a lot of traffic on Google resulting from mobile users. To ease this traffic, it is important to ensure that you content can be displayed accurately and easily on both mobile and desktop versions. This will make users to experience an easy time. Videos and images result the use of media types like Flash that have licensing constraints. You can easily solve this problem by using HTML5, which is standard and supports all videos and animations in all formats.

App download prompts

You will need to revise how prompts to download an app appear on your page as far as you have the rights to promote an application. You can advertise an app at the top or within the content on your page but do not let the app cover the whole page blocking any other content to encourage its download

Mobile 404 errors

404 error messages appear on mobile sites when the user is not redirected appropriately to a mobile page of a desktop version. You can use a responsive website to delete this message permanently or use Crawl Errors report.

Blocked JavaScript, CSS and Image Files

It is important to make your website content easy and quick to find by Googlebot. At times files are blocked making JavaScript, CSS and image files inaccessible. What happens is that Google cannot crawl through the content adequately and this affects ranking. Google lacks the ability to see through the content just as the human eye should.


Correcting these problems will help your content be ranked. In the long run, it will be beneficial to your business since many results come from mobile devices. Mobile Friendly Test and Mobile Usability Report can help you know where your site falls on the scale.