dreamwriter Cuban immigration has over the years affected the modern Miami there is creating is now referred to as Cuba in Miami. It can be said that the only other place that has a high population of Cubans is Miami. South Florida has just over 856,007 Cuban Americans. This is probably because of Miami’s proximity to Cuba. As such, you can only imagine the changes that the American city has had to go through – culturally for the most part.

That said, the Cuban culture greatly infuses into Miami’s dining platform. The presence of so many Cuban people in the city has led to stiff competition when it comes to Cuban restaurants where Cuban food is served. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Cuban hamburger, pizza, ice cream, or just have a craving for sweet plantains that are fried, the many Cuban restaurants in Cuba will see to it that your needs are met.

The Cuban restaurants in Miami include Villa Habana, Chicos restaurant, Versailles, Puerto Sagua, Sergio’s, el Palacio de Los Jugos and many more. Pick out one and you are sure to get the best possible Cuban meal away from Cuba.

Even with this, however, your Cuban experience in Miami is not complete without having a taste of their Cuban coffee. And depending on which part of town you are in, you can enjoy the sweet tasting drink for as low as 60 cents or a dollar on the higher end. However, in as much as walking up to a Cafecito counter is common for a newbie you just might get confused, not knowing what to ask for and the lady on the other side of the counter is not helping the situation drumming her fingers on the counter impatiently. Given this, let’s have a quick look at the common Cuban coffees that you might get.

The very first one is the café Cubano or the Cafecito, a very small yet potent dose of coffee from Cuba that is served in a coffee cup the size of a thimble. This is twice as strong as the American coffee and extremely sweet. As a matter of fact, you can sip it down your throat in a single shot.

Café con leche. This is Latin latte, steaming hot milk with Cuban coffee, it is very good for breakfasts. However, if you have problems with sugar, you should ask for one without sugar and then add you sweeteners to the right levels. The other types of coffee are such as Colada and Cordadito.