There’s a popular misconception that Photoshop is just a software for making funny pictures. Often in popular media you will find top core hosts showing humorous pictures like the one below.

However, contrary to most people’s belief, Photoshop is a very valuable business tool. In this article I’m going to tell you why Photoshop is actually a valuable tool for almost any businesses and also share with you a tip on how you can use Photoshop to create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Why I love Photoshop

I love Photoshop because there are endless ways in which I can use it. For example, you can use Photoshop to:

  1. Restore old photos

2) Create artistic pictures

3) Design, modify or web optimize web images

Other applications of Photoshop include: Designing WordPress themes and user interfaces of web applications as well as creating slides for online videos. I’m hoping that just from these examples you are beginning to appreciate the immense value that comes from mastering this tool. The ability to quickly create and manipulate digital images is a very valuable skill-set to have.

Digital graphic design is really a valuable communication tool because ultimately, you are the only one that has access to your brain. Therefore, you have to find a way to render your ideas to other people, and Graphic design is an excellent way to do that.  I know most people are reluctant to learn Photoshop.

Reasons why people don’t learn Photoshop

  1. People think they are not “artsy” enough

What many people fail to realize is that creating digital art is only one application of Photoshop, there are many other applications that do not necessarily relate to creating art.

  •           2. People think it’s too difficult to learn

The Photoshop interface can be a little intimidating at first. It has a lot of buttons on it and there are probably only a few people in the world who truly understand what every single function on Photoshop actually does. However, compared to other softwares out there, for example Ms Excel, Photoshop is not actually that difficult to learn. Its interface feels quite natural.

It feels natural to take a paint brush and start painting. People have been painting for over 30,000 years; it’s something that is in our DNA. If you can learn to use Ms Office or Ms Excel then Photoshop shouldn’t be that hard.

       3.People think Photoshop is too expensive

This is a big barrier to learning. A copy of Photoshop CS6 can cost you over $2,000. And now that Adobe has moved to cloud computing, Adobe subscription will cost you over $119 a year. However, there are a couple of big secrets that people don’t know. You have to understand that there are two different Photoshop versions, there’s Photoshop and the light version called Photoshop elements.

Two BIG Photoshop Secrets

  1. Photoshop elements has 99% of all image functions you’ll ever need

Now , this depends on how far you want to go with image editing. But chances are, if you are reading this article, you don’t work in the fashion industry or for a Hollywood special effects company rather you are a website owner, digital marketer or work in an office where you occasionally edit images. If this is the case, you are never going to need more than the light version of Photoshop.

2.Photoshop hasn’t changed much in 20 years

A statement like this could bring up a huge debate with professional graphic designers, but it’s true.

As a website owner an old version of Photoshop will give you similar results as those produced by a current version. Unless you are a hard core graphics designer, you will have difficulty noticing the difference between version releases. This means you don’t need the latest version of Photoshop. You can get a used version of Photoshop on Amazon for less than $30.

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t know this and are going to sign up for the $119 recurring subscription or buy the brand new version for $2000, which is a waste of money because most of them will never benefit from the additional image functions that they are paying for.

If you don’t have money to buy a used or new version, you are still in luck because there are open source softwares that can do most of what Photoshop does. These are GIMP AND pixlr.

However, getting a copy of Photoshop is recommended because it remains the industry’s standard image editor.

Photoshop tip

How to make a custom YouTube video thumbnail image and put some descriptive text it

Several bloggers talk about the importance of featuring appealing text in images. Your ability to create an alluring image plays a big role in your video’s click through rate. Alluring image makes your video’s thumbnail image standout more, thus determine if a surfer is going to watch your video or not. People choose which video to watch based primarily on the thumbnail alone.

Getting the image thumbnail right could make a big difference in the amount of traffic you receive, which translates to the money you make.

Image thumbnail tips:

  • Make your description brief
  • – Use a big font
  • – Write your text on the left side of the thumbnail to prevent the time label from obstructing some of the text

– People like bright colors

– Use a 1280 x 720 pixel image to meet YouTube’s Thumbnail specifications

With that in mind let’s create our thumbnail image

  1. Open your version of Photoshop
  2. Click on file then click New and then click blank image

3.Type 1280 in the width box and 720 in the height box then press Enter

4.You now have a big blank rectangle to work with

5.Drag and drop the photo you want to use for your thumbnail into Photoshop. Once you’ve done that, click on the Select button at the top of your Photoshop screen and then click on All

6.Click on the Edit button at the top of Photoshop screen and then click on Copy to copy the whole image into your clipboard. Our image is now in your clipboard’s memory.

7.Click the X button at the top of the image to close the original as we don’t need it anymore.

8.Click on edit the Edit button and then click Paste to paste the image we selected for our thumbnail.

9.From here we can see that Photoshop creates a new layer and by clicking on the move tool at the top we can move this layer around.

10.Now you need to move your image and position it to where you want to type in your text then select the text tool.

11.After that , click at the point where you want your video description to begin.

12.Type in a sentence that describes your video content and save the image as a JPEG file.

13.Upload the image to YouTube using the grey custom thumbnail button you find on your YouTube videos.

Once you upload the thumbnail, it will become your video’s primary image. You can play around with the text colors and other Photoshop functions to make the image a bit more alluring.

YouTube, though, is a search engine in itself along with having some facets of social networks. And, when a user searches for queries through its search bar:

Visual thumbnails occupy considerable real estate in the web site results.

Since our eyes are naturally drawn to pictures, you’ll most likely fail to attract more clicks on your great videos with the usual and boring thumbnails.

Take away message:

Most Photoshop functions do not require you to be an artistic graphic designer for you to use them. 99% of all functions that you need are already available in the older or used versions of Photoshop; you don’t need to subscribe to a recurring Photoshop subscription or buy an new expensive version to learn Photoshop.

Using Photoshop to create appealing custom thumbnails could increase the number of people who watch your YouTube videos. Most of the actual work of a graphic designer comes down to being able to move images and text around, which is something almost anyone can do.