We use a mix of US and overseas staff to deliver our services. Doing so allows us to deliver the highest quality services at reasonable rates. Managing global teams requires excellent communication, training and internal processes – we excel in all of those areas.employees


We’ve moved offices 3 times in the last year alone (we’re growing … fast). Right now, our main office is in the heart of the Miami Design District, Wynwood. Feel free to stop by, grab a coffe and say hello.

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We Are Unique By Design

Manage My Traffic is a digital marketing agency that offers a wide variety of search engine optimization services. Besides running successful marketing campaigns for our clients, we have also developed an online dashboard using Google spreadsheet that allows our clients to track the progress of their campaigns in real time.

R & D

We commit considerable amounts of time, energy and finances to the research and development of new and unique ways of marketing. This is way, we have been able to stay ahead of the game and deliver outstanding results to all our clients.


To generate incredible leads and organic traffic, there has to be a perfectly laid out plan to help guide this process. Everything we do follows a calculated and proven process that is tailored to achieve specific client marketing goals.


People are the driving force behind any significant achievement. Our people are highly trained, independent and understand that in order to drive growth; they must think outside the box and develop effective ways of doing things.


Marketing at scale is one of our focus areas. By incorporating people, process and knowledge, we are able to take your marketing campaign to its highest level, regardless of the industry you work in.

LorenzoLorenzo Oporta, MBA – Lead Strategist

Previous to founding ManageMyTraffic in 2014, Lorenzo worked as a digital marketing consultant for nearly 6 years. He was fortunate enough to work with big agencies like Accenture and SapientNitro and help some of their clients (Target, Best Buy, the Department of Defense) improve their online strategies. Since launching ManageMyTraffic, Lorenzo’s work has been featured on Moz, Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs and dozens more of the world’s top marketing websites.

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Lorenzo Oporta


Previous to founding ManageMyTraffic, Lorenzo was a digital marketing consultant helping clients like Accenture, Target & Best Buy grow online revenues. Lorenzo’s work is featured Inc, SEJ, Moz, Ahrefs, CMI and many more.


Managemytraffic TeamOur process is engineered based on industry complaints. Everything we do is 100% open and shared with clients with Google Drive. At the beginning of the campaign you’re granted access and throughout the lifetime of the campaign you can follow along with our work.
Managemytraffic EthosOur team members have managed marketing campaigns for huge brands like Target, Accenture, SapientNitro, Best Buy and more. On top of that, we’ve taken websites with no traffic to 1M sessions from organic search. Flat out, you won’t find a better team of marketers anywhere in the world.
Managemytraffic AboutOur clients hire us to get results and to do that, we’re brutally honest. We can’t achieve success unless we uncover every piece of your web presence and make the right changes to improve it. Our clients count on us for unfiltered advice, we’re happy to deliver on that.
Managemytraffic EthosThe only thing on this planet we can truly control is our own effort. We’re in our office at 5:30 AM everyday and don’t leave until 10:00 PM (go ahead, stop by). While we can’t guarantee an ROI on your campaign, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to achieve it. You will never question our level of effort on your campaign.

ManageMyTraffic Global Team

Toufiq Ahmed

Web Developer

Rizwan Ahmed

Web Developer

Yury Paddubski

Analytics Specialist

Aadil Sadiora

Link Prospector

Pierre Angela Cruz

Link Prospector

Sunil Agrawal

Link Prospector

Boni Satani

Keyword Researcher

Mithun Devsi Das

Keyword Research

Ramandeep Maan

Keyword Research

Javier Ojeda

“On Page” Specialist

Yashoda Sanjel

Outreach Specialist

Melissa San Pedro

Outreach Specialist

Qurat Maqsood

“On Page” Specialist

Natasha Purl

Outreach Specialist

Donna Kay Morgese

Outreach Specialist

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